Singer-Songwriter Showcase Series, Featuring Jesse Valenzuela, Hosted by Walt Richardson

Performing at the Songwriter Showcase was daunting at first because I was being asked to open up and reveal my feelings about the Gin Blossoms, our history and our early days.  Though I'm fond of all those memories, I've never really discussed Doug Hopkins at any real length with media boys. Mercifully, they kept the interview short and allowed to play a mix of some old Gin Blossoms hits and some new stuff from my solo records. -- Jesse

"High Wire Days"

This is a song I recently wrote with Danny Wilde of The Rembrandts and Miles Zuniga of Fastball.  I love this song - it's buoyant and simple - and I loved the experience of writing with two wonderful guys.  This is my first exercise in the world of iPhone content creation ... you poor bastards! -- Jesse

"Close to You" - Carpenters Cover by Jesse Valenzuela

This is beautiful song by Hal David and Burt Bacharach.  It's so sweet and loving and I had to learn it for my girl as a birthday present.  -- Jesse

"Into the Mystic" - Van Morrison cover with Mark Zubia 

Love will make you do crazy things, including rallying my friends to play at my girl's grocery store, Urban Radish, on Wednesday nights.  I'm the luckiest man on earth that love found me at late middle-age...and I'm happy to pay the price to sing among the produce. -- Jesse

"Till I Hear It From You" - Gin Blossoms & Marshall Crenshaw Live

It was a beautiful summer afternoon in Hudson Valley, New York.  It's always great fun to play with our friend Marshall Crenshaw, co-writer of this song.  -- Jesse

"Found Out About You" - Summer Tour 2017

From day one, Gin Blossoms fans had a huge reaction to the blending of Robin's vocals and mine.  Stevie Nicks once told me that our harmony together sounded very 'Celtic'.   I think what she was saying in her own gracious way, was that we sound like The Everly Brothers. -- Jesse

"Cheatin" off The Gin Blossoms 'New Miserable Experience' Album

Seriously, no kidding, this is my girlfriend's favorite song.   A song written with Doug Hopkins at his old place 'The White House' in Tempe one boozy night.  It was a real departure for us to play a country song and some of our fans really flipped their lids.  I think there was real concern among some that we were going to crossover.   30 years later, it's back on our show playlists. -- Jesse

Arizona Singer-Songwriters in The Round at The Mim

It's always a pleasure to play with the Zubia Brothers.   Lawrence, Mark and I were childhood friends, life-long music compatriots, and survivor's of Saint Daniels Parochial School.  It was a distinct honor for the three of us to play in the round with AZ legends, Hans Olson and Walt Richardson. While Hans and Walt are only a little bit'older than me,  I grew up sneaking into bars to watch them perform. -- Jesse

"Till I Hear it From You" - Live at Kulak's Woodshed.

This clip is from the late 90s.  I was just beginning to work on a new record and I realized I hadn't played acoustic in front of people for years.  I decided I needed to get out and play a couple songs and I found wonderful support from stalwart LA axe-man Nick Kirgo.   After the show I remember getting a slice of blueberry pie at the old Dupar's on Laurel Canyon. -- Jesse

"Folsom Prison Blues" 

I love, love, love playing guitar with Scotty Johnson.  We both challenge each other and cheer each other on from opposite sides of the stage.  Every time we get to play this song, there's a wonderful cut-throat competition between each other as to who can out twang the other cat.  -- Jesse